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Submission Examples

Right View:

Use for color and muscle tones


Left View:

USE THIS POSE!  Have tail hang straight down.  Take halter off. Notice the socks on the horse and the unique coloring of his coat.  Ears pointing forward and left back leg.


Front View:

Take halter off.  Have forelock neat in center of head...comes to a point not blowing and messy.

Note: The final figurine would be more accurate if this picture included the front of the legs.


Back View:

Notice two tone coloring of tail and spots on coat.


Top View:

As shown in picture.


Underbelly View:

This is a male pony.  Make private area a dark lump like on a plastic horse toy. Use this picture for coloring.


Other View 1:

This pony has a funny mane in that it sticks straight up and is a blend of dark and light colors.


1.  Submit high resolution images only.

2.  For best results use photos taken straight

      on.  See illustrations to the right.

3.  Use good lighting or take photos on a sunny        day.  Avoid shadows. 

4.  Submit photos from all 6 views and     

      closeups of important features like brands,   


5.  Submit and label at least one photo in the

      pose you want replicated.

6.  Make note of any significant detail you want

     included or excluded.  We will make notes   

     for our artists but we can't read your mind. 

     So if there is something specific you want

     done please let us know.